Friday, 29 April 2011

Not the last day!!

So-even though I only had 20km to go to Santiago...I have decided to stay on the camino on more day!

I have stopped in Monte del Gozo - which is about 5km from Santiago. I was going to take a lovely picture for everyone of Santiago because this is the first place you are supposed to be able to see the city and cathedral from - but the trees are all grown and you can't see anything now :p

I walked with some of my old companions today. They were a few km ahead of me so they waited this morning. They went on the Santiago. But I stopped here to be able to arrive fresh in the morning. Plus its one last cheap bed before I get into the city and pay for a hotel (what a luxury...maybe I'll even get a bath)!! I'll have 2 nights in Santiago anyways since my flight isn't til Monday so that's enough! Today was a nice relaxing 15km and now I am showered and relaxed and reading my book.

Seems like a lot of the people I was with last night are staying here tonight. Actually - just in general a lot of people are staying here tonight! This might not be the relaxing peaceful walk into Santiago that I was picturing as apparently everyone has the same idea as me. Hhmmmm...oh well! This should let me find a hotel room in town tomorrow as I'll arrive early. Although it is the weekend and apparently you are supposed to book ahead. Well, if I can't find a hotel there is always another night in the Albergue. I have a feeling tomorrow night will be a bit of a celebration so I don't need a nice bed anyways.

So that's it. Tomorrow hopefully I'll be up early for a nice stroll into town (preferably before all the traffic starts so I might have to leave super early...) And then I'll visit the cathedral, get my compostela, find a bed, maybe go to mass (although might save that for Sunday) and oh!! Some shopping! Hopefully I can find a new outfit so I can stop wearing the same ratty clothes!!!

I have no pics on here from today! It was kind of an ugly walk. And there were so many people! Absolute hordes! If I ever did this again I would stop in Sarria. After that there were too many people and its just not as nice as the rest of the route.

I'll write more tomorrow from santiago with hopefully a couple nice pictures!


  1. Good job Jacquie! Hope the next few days are great. Sunday mass would be wonderful. Make sure you do all of the things pilgrims do. Have a clear head in the morning to enjoy the final days. Bring home your walking stick I may need it. One thing sad will be saying goodbye to all of your new friends. Enjoy.

  2. wow jacquie - great job! enjoy the last couple of days!

  3. Jacquie great job! Reading your last few posts I finally screwed up the last of my courage...and bought my ticket! Camino here I pray for me too would ya! Enjoy the Cathedral tomorrow, it is beautiful! Buen Camino Perigrina!

  4. HI, Jacquie, lovely reading your blog. Could you take a minute or two to let me know what method you used to write the blog. Do you have an ipad or such, or do you use the internet cafe's as you go? I would love to know. I am intending to do the Camino next year and would love to write a blog too. But I am unsure of whether to invest in an ipad mini note book ('cos I can get a key board with it) and apple air, or just use the cafe's. Thanks a millian in advance. cheers, Trish