Saturday, 30 April 2011

The End!!

I have reached the end of my camino!! I have arrived in Santiago de Compostela in one piece (mostly).

I woke up and left early this morning (about 7:15) so I could beat the masses of people that had to leave at 8 from my last Albergue. I had a peaceful walk through the city before most people were awake. The birds were singing and everything was happy. It was a much more peaceful walk than I imagined. I am so happy I left early!!

There were 3 other pilgrims arriving when I did. Two was the super crabby couple (British I think) that I have seen along the way. They never smile...luckily another smiling man was with them and he took some pictures for me!! :)

Now it is too early to get my compostela (certificate) after standing outside the cathedral contemplating my hotel situation...I decided to treat myself! I am going to stay in the Parador!! This is one of the most expensive hotels in Santiago! Its a converted 15th century building on the same square as the cathedral! Wow I am going to be posh now!!!! After spending more than a month sharing rooms and toilets and sleeping in bunk beds - I am going to be a real person and have my own room! With a bathtub!!! Its cheaper than I expected too!! So I have taken it for 2 nights!! And it includes breakfast!!! I am so excited :). But of course because it is only 8:30 - my room isn't ready yet!! So she has my mobile number and will call me when its available! They have taken y bag and my stick so I can walk around freely!! Wow!! That's what I wanted! I would never have done that if I arrived yesterday!!

So now I sit behind the cathedral eating a waffle and drinking hot chocolate! Smiling because I just walked 800km!!!! It feels good!!!! I am a happy pilgrim - but wait...I am not a pilgrim anymore!!! Soon I will be clean and fresh! Hopefully my room will be ready by 10:00 and I will have a bath!! What luxury! And clean blankets!! I love my credit card!!! The one thing I have learned about myself on this journey...I can rough it with everyone else, but I prefer to just pay someone else to do it for me :p. Lesson learned!! It was fun being a dirty pilgrim - now I look forward to being a clean Jacquie!!!



  1. Congratulations Jacquie! I treated myself to lunch and a few cocktails at the, that hotel ooozes class and history. Enjoy Santiago and looking forward to catching up when you get back and swapping stories :)

  2. What an accomplishment. I can't wait to hear about the rest of your day. Welcoming your friends at the Cathedral. Congratulation Jacquie.

  3. Congrats!!!!!! I loved reading your blog along your journey!!! It looked like such an adventure! Enjoy your nice room : )


  4. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!! You made it !!!! what an accomplishment!!!!!! If you would have told me a few years ago you were walking 500 miles I would have fell on the floor laughing. The farthest you ever walked was from the back door to the car, and I think a few times you complained because it was parked outside and not in the garage. WOW what an adventure. What an accomplishment. Enjoy your day and enjoy your fancy room and really enjoy a BATH. cant wait to see more pictures :) xxoo

  5. Grampa and I joined you for breakfast, by enjoying a blueberry waffle in honor of your accomplishment. Then I read the next message. Not nice! You should not need a special reminder of April 2011. Enjoyed your blog very much. Waiting for more pictures. Haave fun.

  6. Congratulations!! Great Job...hope you enjoy that bath...with bubbles and lots and lots of soap and hot water! I did that at the end of our Camino Portuguese...and that was only like 9 days!! Buen Camino and good luck with your upcoming marathon.

  7. Congratulations! Such a crazy experience and I'm so glad you did it and shared it. Order yourself a bottle of champagne! So so happy for you.



  8. Congrats Jacquie. Awesome stuff girlfriend!