Monday, 31 January 2011

Pre-trip: Day 19 - (0.0 miles)

Nope - walking!!  But it was my last day of work so I deserved a break and a celebration by eating greasy KFC and watching trashy TV (yes it was America's Next Top Model night!)

But tomorrow after my trip to the Embassy for my second passport I'll take a wander around Hyde Park and see where I can walk to in London and enjoy my first day of FREEDOM!!

I <3 not working :)

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Pre-Trip: Day 18 - (4.0 miles)

Well, I wasn't going to go for a walk today.  I decided to sleep in and be lazy.  But then when I finally opened my eyes at 11AM and looked outside - it was beautiful and sunny.  I still tried to fight the urge to go walking and instead put on my make-up and did my hair to go and get passport pictures taken (way too expensive!!!)  But being outside for that short walk to the photo place made me too happy.  So I had to go out for a walk. 

I went for a nice stroll around Battersea Park.  I was going to follow the Thames Path to Vauxhall, but I think it goes through a pretty ugly area on the way from Battersea Park to went away off of the river on the South Bank - so I just went back through the park. 

It wasn't a super long walk - but it was nice.  And its not as cold as yesterday!!  And its still sunny outside!!!  So its nice and bright in my room - perfect for sitting in here and cleaning up all the used Kleenex all over my floor because I am gross when I am sick!!  Now that I am feeling better I should get rid of all the germs.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Pre-trip: Day 17 - (8.5 miles)

I went for a walk!! Not the 10 miles - promised I would do yesterday, but I slept in a bit this morning. So I decided on a slightly shorter walk from Hampton Court Palace along the Thames Path to Richmond.

It was freezing but at least no rain. And the path wasn't muddy like last weekend! So it went along pretty quickly :) I listened to some Spanish lessons for the first bit, so I even learned something along the way.

AND - I took some photos! I am writing this blog on my Blackberry to see how feasible it is to use this to post from my actual Camino in Spain. It seems that the photos always get posted at the top, which sucks...but I'll see if I can do some more research on how to make this work better!

Enjoy the photos :)

Friday, 28 January 2011

Pre-trip: Day 16 - (0.0 miles)

Yup - another day of no walking.  Sad sad sad!  But tomorrow I am determined.  No matter what the weather and how I feel, I will be walking.  At least 10 miles!!  So tonight - its early to bed and lots of rest.  Because its horrible and cold and miserable outside.  Wish me luck!!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Pre-trip: Day 15 - Part 2 - (1.2 miles)

Well, I managed to walk to Spanish class!!  I was pretty impressed!!  I was going to walk home - but we went to the pub for a drink after instead so I took the bus because it was getting a bit late.  Now I need to go to sleep because its 10:30 and I need to be awake in the morning!!!  My last Friday of work!!!  Just have to go tomorrow and Monday and I AM DONE!!

Goodnight :)

Pre-trip: Day 15 - (0.0 miles)

I feel almost human again!!  I think Domino's Pizza is the cure for the common cold!!  I felt horrible last night, barely slept, but this morning I woke up almost able to breath and with a slightly less sore throat.  Amazing.  So I had some more pizza for breakfast :)

I might be able to walk a bit this evening.  I have Spanish class - which is an easy walk from my house, so I'll start small and walk there.  If all goes well, I might be able to do another big walk this weekend.  Fingers crossed I will survive this horrible cold.

And now I get to see what happens when I post this!!  I set-up this "TwitterFeed" thing that is supposed to post a link to my blog of FB and Twitter each time I make a new post.  Oh, the excitement of it all!!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Pre-trip: Day 13 & 14 - (0.0 miles)

Still sick :(  Feeling miserable!!  My head feels like it is going to explode and my nose must be like 3x its normal size.  Ugh!  I hate being sick!!  Sick sick sick!  Especially since its my last week of work and so I can't have a sick day!!  MISERABLE!!!

Just thought I would share my happiness :P

Monday, 24 January 2011

Pre-trip: Day 12 - (0.0 miles)

Yup - again a big 0 in milage!!  But I am sick - so I have a reason.  I seem to have caught a cold.  I have a sore throat and a sniffy nose.  So I might have to take a few days off.  Don't want to over do it before I even start.  So I am off to bed for a good nights sleep and hopefully I will feel better in the morning!!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Pre-trip: Day 11 - (11.5 miles)

Miles Walked:  11.5

Whew!!!  I had my long walk this morning!  I walked from Clapham Junction down to Richmond.  It was kind of a long way!!  LOL!!!  I have never walked that far that quickly.  Usually when I walk its kinda slow with lots of breaks.  But since I didn't have much time I needed to go kinda fast. 

Pre-trip: Day 10 - (0.0 miles)

Oops - I was just supposed to take one day off walking for a rest.  But I didn't make it out walking today either!! was supposed to be my day for a long walk too.  And it was just so much nicer to stay in bed.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow.  And now that I won't be working for a few months - I'll have lots of time everyday to do long walks.  Better luck for me tomorrow I hope!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Pre-trip: Day 8 - Part 2 - (5.8 miles)

Miles Walked:  2.3 miles
Total Miles Walked: 5.8 miles

I just got back from my Spanish Class!!  I walked there and back (hence the updated mileage).  It was great!!  I felt super smart.  No one else in my class really knew what was going on.  Unlike my last class where there was the one super smart girl that just answered everything.  This time people were at my level or below!!  WOO HOO!!!  I think I'll stick with the evening classes.  Will suck to miss 2 of them in the US (and I likely won't be extending my US trip now so I don't miss anymore classes).

Ok - the end.  Need to go to bed!!  So busy and so much going on!  I can't wait to be done working at the end of the month and have time to sort myself out!!

Pre-trip: Day 8

Miles Walked:  3.5 miles

Well, I walked to work again today!  It was a bit rainy and it seems like every crossing turned red as I got to it.  Basically saying - it took ages!!!  But I'm sure it was good for me.  I have some ankle weights that I am wearing too!!  They simulate the weight of my hiking boots (have I already rambled about this)?  I have been reading articles on-line saying you shouldn't walk with weights (hand or leg) when you are training, but it seems to make sense that if I will be doing my trek in heavy boots, I should practice walking with that weight on my legs.  I can't walk through London in my hiking boots because they are too hard on my feet on the pavement.  So I wear my tennis shoes and some weights.  Makes sense to me!!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Pre-trip: Day 7 - Part 2 - (5.1 miles)

Miles Walked:  3.5 miles
Total Daily Miles:  5.1

Well, I managed to walk all the way home without getting lost!! It was a nice walk.  I'll have to try to walk to work tomorrow using that route as it might be a bit better than the other way.  Although it feels longer its actually shorter.  Hmmm...

But I also found out today that my job won't be renewing my contract - so as of the end of the month I am unemployed.  I probably shouldn't be quite so happy about that.  It would have been nice to work the extra couple of weeks in February before I head to the US for vacation.  But it will also be nice to have a couple of weeks off.  Its highly unlikely anyone will hire me in February since I have nearly 2 weeks away.  And then I'll have to find a job in March - which will also be difficult since i am leaving the last week of March until May!  Lol - and then May has a lot of public holidays and the hiring is pretty slow then.  Looks like I might be jobless until June.  Oh my :P  Good thing I have budgeted wisely!!!  Or at least I think I have.  Too bad the rent just went up £70 a month.  All these things to think about and yet I am still super happy and excited!!  Must have been all the sunshine today!!

Pre-trip: Day 7 - (1.6 miles)

Miles Walked:  1.6 miles

I went to my workout class this morning instead of walking to work.  Hence the low mileage.  I decided to do a bit of strength training :)  I have my gear to walk home from work.  Now that I know the route I shouldn't get lost tonight (the new route i tried last night is much better than the normal morning one I think)!!

That's about it.  Its a beautiful sunny day and I wish I was outside walking right now - instead I am sitting at my desk.  I have a busy day at work today.  Lots of meetings!!  Hopefully it goes quickly.

This weekend I am planning to start ordering the extra gear I need!!!  Haha - its key to bring as little as possible but there is always some room for a bit of shopping and new stuff!!!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pre-trip: Day 6 - Part 3 - (6.5 miles)

Miles walked:  3
Total Miles Today:  6.5

So I just wanted to update for the fact that I walked most of the way home.  I got a bit annoyed towards the end because I went the wrong way (I took a different route than my normal morning route).  So I got on a bus and road the bus for the mile...then I came home and made a big burger and had some tortillas and guacamole!  MMM!!  I feel better now!!!

Pre-trip: Day 6 - Part 2

Just a quick update!!!  I booked the second part of my flight too!!  I figured I might as well do it now!!  May 2nd from Santiago de Compostela to London!  So I will have 34 days to finish the Camino. 

That will give me 4 days of rest before I start the Cumberland Trail walk across the Lake District :)  But that's only 75 miles over like 5 days.  Hopefully it'll be easy after the Camino de Santiago!

I am hoping to walk home after work today - because its a lovely sunny day.  But of course, it won't be sunny after work - it will be dark....hmmmm

Pre-trip: Day 6

Miles Walked: 3.5

So I booked my flight!!  March 28, 2011 - London Stansted to Biarritz!!  Then a quick train transfer to St. Jean Pied de Port and I am off trekking on the 29th!!  I found a crazy friend that wants to do the trail too - except he wants to run it.  So we will start on the same day and then I will never see him again!!  LOL!! 

Monday, 17 January 2011

Pre-trip: Day 5 - (3.5 miles)

Miles Walked:  3.5

I walked to work again today!!  ICK!  Its cold and wet and really rainy.  Good thing I carried my work clothes in my bag!  I was soaking wet when I arrived.  I need to remember to bring a comb next time.  I look a bit blowsy today!!  But I guess it was good practice for trekking in the rain across Spain.  Although I won't be carrying my giant umbrella through Spain, which I found really helpful!!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Pre-trip: Day 4 - (6.62 miles)

Miles Walked - 6.62 miles

I woke up to a beautiful sunny sky this morning.  Was very inspired to get out of bed and get outside for a walk.  Of course by the time I ate a bit of breakfast and washed the dishs the sun was almost gone...but I still made it for a walk!  Sadly it rained a bit - but I am home now and it was a nice long walk around the area.  I only got a little bit lost :)  Its hard to walk for that long without getting lost - unless I just went round and round the park but that is a bit boring!!

Now I think I'll stretch a bit and have a bath!!  I am kinda chilly.  Its getting pretty windy outside!!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Pre-trip: Day 3 - (5.0 miles)

Miles Walked - 5.0

Woo hoo!!!  Another day and I did some walking!  I walked from home to an afternoon tea at the Swisshotel next to Temple Underground Station.  That gave me license to eat a whole bunch of cakes :)

I don't have a lot of time this weekend to research the trip.  I ordered some Travel books so maybe next weekend I can do some reading!  I'll just focus now on walking.  Hopefully I can add a few more miles on tomorrow!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Pre-trip: Day 2 - (3.5 miles)

I still feel good about the decision to do the Camino.  I even walked to work today.  Its 3.5 miles and I did it in an hour - not too shabby!!  And that's after an hour workout on in the park this morning!  So I have done 2 hours of exercise all before 9:30!!! 

So I figure if I can walk to (or from) work at least 4 times a week and do my regular workout at least 3 times a week and then do at least one 10 mile walk on the weekends - I'll be all set to do anything in a few months!!! 

Yea!  I am inspired!  Ok, better focus on work so I can keep my job :)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Pre-trip: Day 1 - Making the Decision!

I have been thinking about walking the Road to Santiago for a few years now.  If I am honest - its because I read Paulo Coehlo's book The Pilgrimage.

It never seemed like a good time to go.  There were so many other places to see and things to do since I moved to Europe.  I went to Santiago de Compostela a few years ago by train from Barcelona after a conference for work.  Its a gorgeous city, but going by train isn't the same as walking the 783 kilometers (487 miles) to get there seems a bit far-fetched.  If I felt pretty awe-struck seeing the cathedral and the shrine after wandering in from the train station - it will be even more awe-inspiring walking in after 30 days on the road!!  I can't wait!