Thursday, 31 March 2011

Best dinner ever!!

Here is a great fatty dinner after a day of walking and eating only a couple handfuls of peanuts and a breakfast of 2 pieces of toast!!!


I have a SIM!

Yea!! I just sorted out my Spanish SIM card for my phone. The people in the Vodafone shop understood my terrible Spanish and sorted out my mobile!! It seems super slow but now I can update my blog anytime!

So I just arrived in Pamplona!! I am pretty sure I did an extra like 5 kms today than everyone else!!! Booo...that may not sound like much but it felt like a lot...I might've been able to make it to the next town if I hadn't tried a new trail...but oh well - pamplona seems nice enough!

I don't really have anything else to say! I just wanted to send a message now that I have my phone sorted :)

I am going to go find a drink and some food...its super early prolly no food for a while :(

What a start to day 3 are a couple pictures that you just won't fully understand...especially the ones of my poor feet!!! I tried to capture the painful essence of my blisters but since it was kinda dark you probably can't see my amazing medical work - so I'll explain. I read the to treat blisters to thread a needle and put it through the blister and leave the thread in. That way the goo inside the blister miraculously dries. So I tried that on my blisters...I had one massive one on my heel that I even used 2 pieces of thread on...oh!! And I was proud that I used a lighter to sterilize the needle too!! I am crafty!! Then I had a blister on my baby toe and one under my big I put thread in all of them. I left them in all night (I slept 10 hours last night!!!) And this morning I didn't get the results I expected :( boo!!! It doesn't seem to have done much. Although I suppose they don't hurt as much - but wearing my awesome shoes the blisters didn't hurt anyways...

So that's my story about my feet! I could go on because they are really sore now after walking God knows how many kilometers today....but I'll stop complaining. According to the last sign I only have like 3.8 kms until I reach Pamplona. But since I gave up on the proper Camino trail because the crazy homeless lady told the old guy from Denmark that this path was better (but longer). So I decided to take the longer path...because at that crossroads I would have had to go uphill to follow the Camino and I hate hills.

So here I am somewhere outside Pamplona on a public paved path that goes along next to a river. Its super easy walking but there are a lot of people and I am getting a lot of strange looks - most likely because I am dirty and carrying a massive backpack! But people are friendly when I ask if I am still heading towards Pamplona.

I was going to try to get past Pamplona today - but that seems a bit too ambitious. My feet hurt (oops I wasn't going to say that again). Plus I have been walking super fast today I am just realizing. Because it isn't even 2:00 and I have gone nearly 25km. And I didn't leave until 8:30 this morning!!! So I am taking a long break now because I have a feeling it is going to be difficult to find the Camino path again in Pamplona....anyways so I am writing this bit of blog and eating some more peanuts then in like 20 minutes or so I'll put my shoes back on and hoist up my backpack and wander onwards. I wonder what happened to the guy from Denmark. He looked pretty sad last time I saw him....I wonder if he gave up and took the bus...I almost did since this path so temptingly goes right by a bus to central Pamplona....

Oh...and the other picture in here is of the beautiful magnesium plant (or something) that I walked by for the first like 3km this morning!!! Great views :p

I could really use some vino...I wonder where that German guy is today??!! He prolly took the proper path and is handing out wine somewhere there right now....ho hum!!! I'll feel good about myself knowing I took the long route....or something!!

Breast Cancer Research - Donations!!!!

HI ALL!!  I am doing a charity walk for breast cancer research in May.  Its called the Moonwalk - its a marathon length (26.2 miles or 42.2km for those of you that need reminding) walk around the streets of London - OVERNIGHT!

I have to raise £200, which is a big goal considering I am out of the country for most of the time up until then.  I would be very appreciative of all of your donations - as would the "Walk the Walk" charity who hosts the event.

Please use the following link to sponsor me:

Thank you!!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Arrival in Zubiri (at the bar)

We made it to Zubiri...20km today!! Was pretty easy, not many hills :)

We might continue on to Larrasoana - which is another 5ish kms. But it just started we'll see how we feel after an break in the pub!! Zubiri isn't the prettiest town and I guess the next 5kms are through a really ugly might be nice to get that out of the way and starting fresh tomorrow somewhere kinda pretty!!

Here are some pics (PS there is free wifi at the bar!!)

Leaving Roncesvalles

Well-it keeps saying I am uploading the same pic so sorry for duplicates.

That's where I spent last night - in a little semi private (LOL) cube with 3 others. This refugio is super new so had nice facilities. Now its nearly 8am and everyone else appears to have set off so better get going! Figured I would post one more time on the free wifi :)

There added a pic of me and Pio (wow I look like shit)!!! We are off!! To another day of rain and steep downhill descents!!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sooo...wireless internet!!

So of course after I paid 2 euro for internet Pio tells me there is wifi! So I just uploaded my other 2 posts from my mobile. Sorry 2 have the same title but I can't figure out how to change that....whatever! Time for a beer!!!

On the way to St. Jean

So far so good!!! Made it to the airport ok!! Highlight of the day was the 5 minute feel up session going through security! Of course wearing my massive super-duper sports bra with loads of metal underwire I set of the metal detector. The poor girl hand to feel and feel my boobs! Apparently no other bras set of the metal detectors....just mine. She gave me the friendly advice not to wear this bra again :p

So I was at Stansted hours and hours early! Plenty of time to get in a massive breakfast and a pint of cider before heading to the gate. Pio was still no where in sight. I found out he was spending his time checking the cricket bat he had brought and buying a tablet PC!! Then since he bought the tablet he had 2 carry-on bags, which RyanAir def. doesn't he paid again to carry-on a 2nd bag!! Amazing!!

So after another sneaky cider on the plane I slept most of the way to Biarritz! Even through the screaming toddler that obviously hated flying and whose parents had NO control!

On the bus to Bayonne train station we met a lovely Irish couple who had done bits of the Camino years ago, along with a couple young English guys. So we all decided to have a few beers at the train station as our train didn't leave for 2+ hours. Another older English man and a German speedskater joined us - also heading to St.Jean doe the Camino. Good times! Didn't think I would meet this many people heading for the Camino on the first day.

Now am on the train to St.Jean. Lots of beautiful scenery! Slowest train ever though! But I am happy!! Just had some chevre with baguette!!! Mmmm!!! French chevre!! One thing about England is they don't have any nice goat cheese :p

first day of walking

Here I am still smiling! I have decided to take the Route Napoleon. Its the higher route (I think). They said it would take 8 hours so I am planning 10 because I hate hills!!!

But its relatively cool out and only raining a bit. So far I think I might survive!

First Day of Walking!!!

So I have written a couple of other posts on my mobile (including photos) but my phone doesn´t want to work they won´t get posted until I get a Spanish SIM card...hopefully in Pamplona in like 2 days.  Which means this will be my last post for a couple days because I don´t want to pay for internet.  But Dad - I didn´t want you to worry about not hearing from me and call the police or anything!!!

So today I walked 27 kilometers.  20.8kms were uphill.  That´s 17+ miles in total.  The uphill bit almost killed me!!  The first part of the day was massively uphill.  I went super slow.  The end of the walk was massively downhill - which was actually worse than the uphill.  But I survived and am now clean and showered and ready for dinner!!!  All I have eaten today is a couple small slices of bread with jam (a little butter but then the lady next to me used the butter and licked the butter knife, so I couldn´t have any more butter...ewwww).  And then some nice man shared some bread with me along the way and I just ate some nuts and dried fruit.  After walking 27km I deserve A LOT more than that!!!  A couple glasses of vino wouldn´t hurt either.

I am not as sore as I thought Iwould be.  I was super cranky the last like 10 minutes of the walk.  The poor Canadian girl that was stuck walking with me thought I was a bit crazy.  The damn sign said 5 minutes and then the entrance to the alburgue was around the back of the freaking building.  Almost killed me.  But its a nice place to stay and had a hot shower and washed my clothes really quick.  I should be set!!

What else!?!  OH!!  I thought the walk would take me 10 hours (they told me 8 at the beginning and since I hate uphills I figured it would take me heaps longer) but I was done in less than 8!!!  So I am super proud!!!  I feel like an overachiever!!  My legs will prolly hate me tomorrow but i didn´t go too fast and was def. not the first one done...actually I think I was one of the last people to least amongst the people I met yesterday.

I put way too much money into the computer...I still have 31 minutes left.  My goal is to not check email and stuff while I am away.  I wish the other girls would have come down and they could use the time.  Because I am done typing now.

So - you won´t hear from me for probably 3 days.  In Pamplona I should be able to find a store to get a SIM card for my mobile and then all my blogs will upload from there.  Until then...that´s it!!  Hmmm - and sorry about any spelling errors because this computer only does Spanish spellcheck...

Monday, 28 March 2011

And I am off!!!

Everything is packed and I am ready to go!!!!  I can't wait :)  I just need to vacuum my room so the girl staying here will have a semi-clean place to be and I am all set!!  My bag still weighs too much (and I don't have my hammock) but otherwise I think I am all set!!!  I am so so so excited!!!!  

But - I don't know if I am ready to turn off my computer yet...hmmmm...this is my last time on a computer for 5 weeks...this blog will be my only communication with the outside world.  I am even taking out my mobile SIM card and changing for a Spanish one as soon as I can so that I won't get any texts or voicemails!!

Good-bye technology!!  Well - except for my ebook and my ipod - I won't be that austere :P  And my blog updates!!  I'll write one soon - hopefully from St. Jean-Pied-de-Port, France!!!!!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Leaving Tomorrow!!

AHH!!!  I leave tomorrow!!!!  I can't wait.  I am tired of packing and planning (not that I have done much of either).

I think I have my life ready to be offline for 5 weeks!!  Whew - that was stressful getting that sorted.  Hopefully it really is set and I don't come back to a bunch of unpaid bills and bank overdrafts :P

And my backpack still weighs too much!!  I got rid of the hammock (boo - really wanted to take it but at 500 grams...I just can't afford to carry it).  And I'll do without a towel - my sarong can do everything.  Hmmm - might need to get rid of the flip flops...but i think those will be nice after walking in my boots all day!!

Well - I guess I'll go through my pack one more time and get rid of a few more bits and pieces.  Maybe I don't really need my glasses.  I am bringing contacts...and I see pretty good without them anyways - I think my glasses will go!

I can't believe this is my last full day before I leave!!!!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Only 2 more days!!!!

Ahhh!!  Only 2 days to go!!  Getting the last of my preparations done!!

I never realized how difficult it would be to prepare for being off-line and out of touch for 5 weeks!  I didn't know how much of my life revolved around the internet!!  All of my bills and communications with everyone.  Its going to be really hard to shut off for 5 weeks.  I will be an amazing experience to live without all the instant connectivity and being "on" all the time - but getting ready for it is kind of stressful.  I need to make sure all my bank accounts will have enough money in them to pay all my bills.  This sounds not too difficult but I have numerous bank accounts in different countries and lots of bills that are getting paid out of them.  Good thing I am an accountant and have some organizational skills otherwise this would be a total disaster!

And on top of that - I need to apply to renew my UK work visa.  But with the new biometric enrolment requirements, I am expecting some communications from the UK border agency while I am gone.  Thank God for my lovely friend Kelly!!!  She is going to sort out my mail and emails while I am away.  I wouldn't be able to survive without you Kelly (you better be reading this)!

Also - I have my bag all packed.  Just washing a few last things one more time and then I'll be all set.  Sadly it weighs in at 8.5 kilos!!  And I have at least .5 kilos more to add (around 19-20 lbs).  That's a bit more than I was hoping for.  But all the little things really add up.  I was just checking the weather and it looks like rain for the first few days / week.  SO I definitely need that heavy rain jacket I bought (super cool that covers my backpack too).  And it will have a few cold bits so I think I need my thermals and gloves...although maybe after the first few days I can get rid of those!!  I can't think of anything else I want to take out of my bag.  I have quite a bit of bandaids and padding for my feet - but since I get blisters just from walking in normal shoes...these are really necessary.  I have almost no soap / shampoo.  My sleeping bag is super light-weight (thanks Glenn!!!).  Urgh - so when I add water to my backpack I think it will weight around 25 lbs!!  That's a lot of weight to carry for 500 miles.  Hmmm...oh well - nothing is super expensive so if I am going along the way and decide I need to get rid of something, I'll have no qualms about just throwing it away :)

But my room is all clean now and ready for someone else to live here for the next 5 weeks.  I think I am sorted.  I'm sure there will be some last minute things I'll think about today and tomorrow and then hopefully I'll be all set!!

I am really ready to be gone!  It will be nice to just turn off and walk.  I won't have to think about anything - no work (not that I do much of that anyways), no bills, no money, no stress.  Just walking - and I really can't get too lost because I just have to walk west!!  I can't wait until Monday and I can get out of London and start my adventure!!!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Leaving me comments!!!

So - just a quick update.  I have made it easier to leave me a comment!!  You don't have to sign in - so I hope you will all leave me a bit of encouragement once in the while.

Also - if you want to send me a message - I have added a second page (aptly titled "Comments").  There is a form you can use to send me a comment that no one else will see.  I can't respond to you (because I have vowed to use as little technology as possible) but feel free to leave me a message once in the while :)

Ok - back to packing and cleaning and generally getting ready for my 500 mile walk (I had to post a link to this song at some point!!!)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I LOVE Sunshine!!!!

What a beautiful day!!  Its definitely spring here :)  The flowers are out and the sun is shining.  I took the picture below on my way to kickboxing class this morning.  There was an amazing sunrise as we were out on the common punching and kicking away at each other!!

The morning workout and all the sunshine inspired me (and worked up an appetite) and I was dying for some eggs. And I really felt it would be better if someone else made them for me. So I rushed into the shower and out to Northcote Road to find a cafe that would do me some breakfast. I made my way to Brew, which I have wanted to try for ages (the Yummy Mummies are always there when I walk by in the mornings and they look like they enjoy life so much...except for the babies...)

I got there at about 8:10 and it was empty. Perfect!! I could score one of the cozy outside tables. They have fur draped chairs and nice fleece blankets to put over your knees - and I sat under a space heater (it might be sunny outside but its not super warm at 8AM)! I ordered a big glass of fresh squeezed OJ and perused the menu. The first thing that jumped out - Chorizo Scrambled Eggs on Sourbread Toast. AMAZING!!! So I ate my breakfast - read my Shirley McClaine book about her Camino (she's a bit of a crazy but interesting) and I watched all the frazzled people rushing by in the hurry to get to work.  Ahhh!!!  This is the life.  No work - sitting at a lovely cafe, reading a book and eating fabulous food!!!  My peace was broken a bit when a bunch of Aussies with a baby sat next to me - boy do Aussies have a horrible accent (sorry to my friends from Oz).  But I ignored them and their baby didn't cry too much.  It was so wonderful I ordered another glass of juice (even though I have a juicer at home and could have made the same thing instead of paying £4 a glass).  Ahhh!!

I finally dragged myself away (to the cheer of the mass crowd that wanted to sit at my fabulous table and almost knocked me over getting to it when I stood up) and now I am home and ready for a nap. 

Yea - a NAP!  It might only be 9:40 but I deserve a nap.  I had a big day yesterday and only got like a 10 minute nap because the cleaner came early!  I feel bad napping when she is here - especially since there was a bit of a mess after the party the other night...

So yesterday (I realize I haven't written in a few days) I was super productive.  After my kickboxing class I went out and did my chores in the area.  I got more contacts (should have gotten them in the US...oops didn't realize I was almost out!) and a few other odds and ends from the shops nearby.  Then I repacked my Camino backpack to make a list of what else I needed.  It was still just 7kilos!!  Woo hoo I was proud!

After lunch I had my quick nap (while watching my super long DVD of Jane Eyre) and then when the cleaning lady arrived I decided it was time for my first trip to Decathlon.  This is a massive sports store and cheap.  I had heard great things but never been.  So off I went to one of the most amazing places ever!!!  Wow - I was there for ages wandering around.  So many cheap things to choose from!!!  I'll confess I spent quite a bit of money and got some things I didn't really need.  But wow!!!  Amazing stuff.  I got the best poncho ever - I'll try to post a picture of me wearing it later!!

When I came home I started repacking my bag (again).  Added my new stuff and rearranged a few things...and realized I went a bit overboard with the shopping.  The bag is now about 8.5 kilos and that is without a few things that are in the wash.  OOPS!!!  I added nearly 4lbs of weight.  WAY TOO MUCH!!!  So my job today is to bring that back down to a more manageable weight.  Which I suppose will mean leaving some of my cool new stuff behind - but I guess its better to leave it behind here than to throw it away somewhere in Spain.

I also have to sort out my visa application too!!!  While I am safe (for now) from the rule changes on the UK work visas) I might as well apply before they decide to make some more changes.  I have been putting this off for a few weeks now.  The 80 pages of paperwork I have to do don't really excite me :(

But anyways - first my well-deserved nap.  And maybe a walk later.  I need to try out my hiking boots with the new socks I bought and make sure that I don't get massive blisters or something!!  Must take care of my feet :)  They have a lot of walking to do!

Monday, 21 March 2011

One Week to go!!

Exactly one more week until I leave for Spain!!  My flight to Biarritz is next Monday (which yes...that's I'll spend my first 2 days in France before I walk into Spain). 

I am getting super excited.  Although I haven't done any walking in ages!!!  I should have gone out today - it was such a beautiful sunny day - but I spent the morning planning some summer trips and then had a nap in the hammock (I suppose that was practice for the camino since I plan on bringing it along for my siesta's)!!

So tomorrow I will have to go for a walk.  Kickboxing isn't hurting quite as much anymore - I must be getting used to it.  So maybe I'll get up and going right after kickboxing tomorrow.  And then I can do my last bit of shopping in the afternoon!!  I just need a poncho and a rain hat and I should be all set and ready to go!

Its getting really warm here in London.  So I am hoping that means its even nicer in Spain!!  I'll have to check the weather one more time later this week and see how much of my colder weather gear I'll need.  I know most of the train should be reasonably mild - I just don't know how the first day in the Pyrenees and the end in Galacia will be...cold and snowy/rainy I am sure.  Ho hum.

But I am getting a bit of a cold now too!!  I have a snuffly nose and quite a bit of sneezing.  Boo!!  I should go eat a couple more oranges and maybe buy some vitamines.  That's probably the best idea - maybe I'll pop over to the shop now!!!

YEA!!!  One more week!!!!

Donate to Breast Cancer Research

HI ALL!!  I am doing a charity walk for breast cancer research in May.  Its called the Moonwalk - its a marathon length (26.2 miles or 42.2km for those of you that need reminding) walk around the streets of London - OVERNIGHT!

I have to raise £200, which is a big goal considering I am out of the country for most of the time up until then.  I would be very appreciative of all of your donations - as would the "Walk the Walk" charity who hosts the event.

Please use the following link to sponsor me:

Thank you!!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Sponsor me for Breast Cancer Research

HI ALL!!  I am doing a charity walk for breast cancer research in May.  Its called the Moonwalk - its a marathon length (26.2 miles or 42.2km for those of you that need reminding) walk around the streets of London - OVERNIGHT!

I have to raise £200, which is a big goal considering I am out of the country for most of the time up until then.  I would be very appreciative of all of your donations - as would the "Walk the Walk" charity who hosts the event.

Please use the following link to sponsor me:

Thank you!!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Practice Packing!!

So I bought a new backpack for my walk!!!  I realized my 75 litre one was way too big and too heavy!!  So I wondered over to Mountain Warehouse and bought myself a nice (cheap) 40 litre bag!!  Its even purple (well, grey and purple...but yea - its pretty)!!!

So of course today (after I wrapped all my eBay sales up and got them ready for shipping) I did some practice packing of my bag.  Wow - 40 litres is A LOT smaller than my 75 litre bag!  But this will make sure that I don't bring way too much stuff. 

Right now I have my  bag at about 15.5 lbs (7 kilos).  There are a few things I need to add and a few things I can take out.  So its pretty much perfect!!  That's right where I wanted it.  So with a bit of a lunch and some water I should be under 20 lbs!!  Now I haven't practiced walking with 20 lbs on my back...but it didn't feel too bad when I lifted it and the backpack fits really well and keeps the weight off my shoulders (so it seems).  So I should be ok.  Fingers crossed!! 

I am so excited!!  I fly out in 11 days!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Well - I haven't been doing any walking since Saturday.  Oops!!!  But I am doing a kickboxing class every morning from 6:00 - 7:15 AM!!!!  I think that counts as a good work-out!!  Plus - holy crap that's early.

I have been stuck inside the last few days trying to get all my work done before I leave for 5 weeks.  My goal is to have no internet / mobile connection for the entire walk (except for my blog updates).  So I need to make sure all the bills are paid, all my money is sorted, and get my company filings all in order.  Of course this is the end of my companies fiscal year so I have a few filings to do.  Taxes (US and UK) are coming to a close right now.  AHHH!!!  So much to do so little time.  So I am spending this week wrapping all of that up. 

Hopefully I'll be able to do a little walking next week - although I won't want to overdo anything the week before I leave.  How sad if I clumsily tripped and sprained my ankle or something stupid like that.  I am even scared getting out of the shower now that I'll do something stupid and won't be able to walk!!  AHH!!

Ok - this was my quick break for a blog update.  Now back to work...time to review my US GAAP training and get that ready to sell!!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Valuable Lesson Learned!!!

So - its been an eventful day!!  It all started when I woke up and the sun was shining so happily through my window.  It was a lovely morning just made for a walk in the park.

Luckily - my wonderful friend Sharon agreed to take a walk with me.  She is doing the Moonwalk with me in May (ie. this is the marathon length overnight power-walking event for breast cancer research - donate here).  So I picked her up in my car for the short drive over to Wimbledon Park.  We had a lovely walk around a portion of the park.  Not too long but perfect because we both walk at the same pace.  We saw lots of horses and beautiful dogs and it was a general happy time.  Sun shining with mild temperatures - a genuine spring morning.

We walked about 1.5 hours weaving around the Park.  Lots of different trails and I have no idea exactly where we were or how many miles we did (I would estimate nearish to 5-6 miles).  We finally found the parking lot again and piled in to head home.

And that's when the real fun started.  So apparently I got too used to driving in the US - because pulling out of the parking lot I forgot that we don't drive on the right-hand side of the road here in England.  Luckily Sharon was able to point out to me that I didn't belong there and I went back to the left.  That should have been a big warning light to me that I needed to pay more attention.  So we were chatting away and driving through Wimbledon Village when - oh there was another roundabout.  So I slowed down and what joy it was one with 2 lanes.  So I was going straight and in the left-hand lane and the car next to me was turning right.  He was a bit ahead of me and I thought he was pulling around.  He must've been lucky and seen the car that was flying through from the other direction because he stopped.  I wasn't so lucky.  I thought the way was clear since he was going and since he was in front of me and I couldn't see around him - I didn't see that damn car until it was too late.  BANG - T-boned him...well - the force of my 2mph impact pushed him into the poor car that was waiting innocently on the other side of the roundabout and smashed up his car too.  Lucky me!!!

The first thing I saw was that the passenger side - side airbag had gone off and the big dent in the passenger side door of the car I hit.  Holy shit - I just injured someone!!!!  I wanted to die!!!  All I could think about was holy shit - I hurt someone :(  No one got out of their cars for quite a while...then finally the driver of the car I hit got out.  He didn't look too upset so I got out and the other guy got out.  Luckily they were super nice!!  No one shouted at me or was too pissed off.  And really lucky - there was NO passengers!!!!  So I didn't hurt anyone.  No injuries and pretty minor damage (if I do say so myself).  My other thought was - my poor Skoda!!  But wow - the Skoda took the impact extremely well.  No damage to my car (other than the front license plate falling off and a smudge of red paint from the other car) - apparently Skoda is built to last!!!

So I banged up the passenger side of the car I hit and I assume he has a dent on the drivers side where he hit the other car - but I didn't get a picture of that :(  Ooops - I was a bit frazzeled.  So we got out and decided we could move the cars out of the way and we were all ok.  Then - luckily a super lovely policeman was in the area.  He wandered over and told us what we needed to do.  He made sure there were really no injuries and helped us exchange details.  The guy I hit got a little upset and was a bit forceful...but it could have been a whole lot worse (and I must say the other guy was super cute).  So we exchanged details and went along on our somewhat less merry ways (all cars were driveable after).

So after dropping Sharon off (safely with no other incidents).  I came back and opened one of my mini bottles of wine and called my insurance company.  After they told me it was pretty clear it was my fault and they wouldn't be able to argue against that - I gave them all the details for the others - they gave me the best news possible.  THERE IS NO EXCESS (deductible) to pay!!!!  Apparently you only have to pay a deductible if you are claiming damage on your own car.  And since I have 3rd party only insurance - I can't claim for my car (which I didn't know and I am kinda confused why I have to pick an excess/deductible amount when I signed up for my car insurance since I will apparently never have to pay one since I can never claim damage on my car because I have 3rd party only liability insurance).  So yea - no cost to me!!!!

So my car insurance company will take care of it all.  And I text the 2 guys and apologized and told them that my insurance company will contact them.  And the guy I hit just called.  He thanked me for being "honorable" and calling my insurance company.  My insurance company already contacted him (its been less than 3 hours since the accident).  So he went to the doctor with a headache.  I hope he's not planning on filing for medical expenses (he was rubbing his neck after he realized it was my fault) but I suppose if he does file fraudulent insurance claims its on his conscience since I don't have to pay anything it won't hurt me.  But I am glad he called and that it sounds like everyone is really ok.  He said his head hurts but that he appreciated my honesty and hopefully we will all be ok!!!  Now if the cute guy would just call and ask me out - life would really be good ;)

So - that is my adventure for the day.  I might as well go have a shower and releax for a bit!!!  Finish my glass of wine and have some dinner.  Whew what a day!!!!!!

Friday, 11 March 2011

A Productive Day!!

So I had a spa booking this morning.  I was planning on being very lazy and driving to it - but my friend Laurel guilted me into walking.  Its was such a nice morning - I realized it would be a shame to just drive there.  Luckily I had woken up slightly earlier than usual so I had time to have a quick rinse in the shower and head out the door.

I only got lost a couple times on the way there.  The appointment was in Streatham - so it was a new destination for me.  I made it in time though and enjoyed all 2 hours of mud wrap, facial and massage!!! 

Then I popped down Streatham High Street to a lovely cafe (Polish I think it was) and had an amazing Pannini (tomato and mozzarella) and some crazy juice in a bottle with what I believe was Polish.  It was a very odd little place.  But super good food. 

Anyways - so then I walked BACK to Clapham.  Amazing.  I was so proud of myself.  I went from not planning to walk anywhere today to walking 6.5 miles!!  I feel like a star.  Now I have to have a shower and check out my veggie delivery and see what I'll make for dinner.  And maybe have a little nap.  Having a massage is hard work.  But I think the girl might've sorted out my sore arm/shoulder.  Its even more sore right now but that means she was massaging the right place so hopefully tomorrow I'll be cured!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

18 days until I fly out!!!!!

Ahh - there are only 18 days left before I leave for Spain!!  What a mess!!  And I am super jet-lagged so the last thing I feel like doing right now is walking.

I managed to get out for an hour this afternoon.  I had a quick stroll around Richmond Park and then gave up and came home.  I got in my car just as the rain started.  But now the sun is shining and its beautiful outside.  I should have waited until now for a walk and I might have been more inspired to stay out longer.

But now I have to study my Spanish.  I missed 3 weeks of Spanish lessons!!!  AHH!!!  SO I need to do some major catch-up before class tonight!!  Adios - Voy a estudiar mucho ahora!!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Rick Steve's goes "en Camino" (video link)

I found a link to an episode Rick Steve's did on Northern Spain and the Camino.  It aired on PBS a couple days ago and I found the episode on Hulu (click here to watch).  That will be me in a few weeks!!

Hopefully that works.  It was interesting to see that little bit of some of the bigger cities on the way.  And the octopus at the end :)  MMMMM!!!!

Well, I am all packed up to head back to London now.  Its starting to snow a bit here now - so hopefully my little prop plane can get out of here and the flight isn't as bad as the one getting in here!!  Fingers Crossed I'll be blogging from London soon :)

Friday, 4 March 2011

A cold walk around town

So I am huddled up under all my covers now because I am freezing!!  Its not even as cold as its been outside but I am frozen!!! 

I was having a quick walk on the treadmill when my dad came down to see if I wanted to go for a walk with him.  We had a nice walk to pay his bill at the dealership - so I got to see some family :)  Then we wandered back to buy some lottery tickets and home.  About 4.5 miles added to the mile I did on the treadmill.  so 5.5 miles today.  I think it counts more too when its out in the cold!!!

Maybe I'll try to do a few more miles on the treadmill so I can break in my Vibram 5 Fingers a bit more.  And I just had Hardee's for lunch - biggest burger I ever saw!!!!

Ok - naptime :)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A walk through the Aurora

The Aurora Wisconsin that is!! :P  My dad and I took an 11.5 mile walk around Aurora.  Whew...good thing today was the warmest day since I came home and the temperature actually got above freezing!!  It was a nice walk.  I was going to take a few pictures to share on here, but it really wasn't very picturesque.  A lot of leafless trees and the road basically.  But it was a nice walk and definitely the longest I have taken in a while.  Which isn't good since I am a bit sore and that was about 5 miles shy of the mileage I'll have to do every day once I get to Spain.  Hmmmm....this is going to be interesting I think.

My dad has also decided that he doesn't think he wants to walk 15 miles a day across Spain :(  He is going to go to Arizona and relax on the golf course...hmmm...that doesn't sound too bad after all the cold days here!!!!

Well, I am going to rest a bit more now.  The goal for tomorrow is to walk up the Pine Mountain steps!!!  AHHHHH...I'll need all my strength for that one!!